A note to non - Southern African readers.
Some of the words you find in these pages might be foreign to you. You don’t need a dictionary to follow along, simply pretend that you are in a strange country and a local is trying to tell you something, you skip over the words you don’t understand and get the gist of the thing – you will be fine!
Where I could I tried to explain some of the words, but the best way to start understanding their meaning would be to come over here for a visit. And maybe we will see each other on the road. Or in the mountains, a cave, a bar or a far-flung path somewhere. I look forward to meeting you in person!
  • Namibia: Rides, Reflections and Repairs – Year end bash via Namibia by Cave Girl and LeonDude

  • The Beast's Tour to Baviaans - 2018

  • Eastern Cape Bash 2013 - A Warrior’s Tale

  • Piece of South Africa

  • Going Forth - North

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