Leon was born in 1972 in Pretoria, South Africa. He started school in 1978 and finished in 1990, after which he did a three year apprenticeship in telecommunications.
Shortly after buying his first computer Leon became interested in the technology behind computers, and spent the next few years working as a computer technician and systems administrator in various positions. It was during this time that his job transferred him away from his hometown to go work in Witbank, where he knew nobody. It was here, during the freezing cold highveldt winters, that the story behind the book Hordes took shape, and the book was written.
He stayed in Witbank until the end of 2001, but longing for the lights of the big city, he moved back to his hometown of Pretoria. Leon found it impossible to get his book published. Dispite this he started work on a next book called Dream Reality, however, he stopped writing altogether, deciding the time spent on writing was not worth it if the books were never going to be published.
Writing is a bug though, and once bitten, the itch needs to be scratched. It was this itch that led to the creation of Story of Enchantment. Leon wanted to see if it would be possible to write a whole novel consisting entirely of separate poems.
Shortly after that he finished Story of Enchantment. As luck would have it, it was a chance remark by his girlfriend reading aloud from the kindle site, that helped him get published.
“Independently publish with us.”

This got Leon to do some research and less than two weeks later, the book Hordes was published on Kindle. Story of Enchantment followed soon afterwards. Leon was now inspired to complete the book Dream Reality, which soon changed name to Dream World.
Dream World was released early in 2013.
And as for Leon, when nights are dark and the wind is blowing, you will find him behind his keyboard, hard at work to bring more stories to his readers.
And somewhere out there, more stories are waiting…
When not working or writing, Leon likes the adventurous life, and shares this with girlfriend. The two of them can often be seen riding their motorbikes somewhere on a dirt road, in search of a new adventure.