The first book in the Vespula series

She has sky-blue eyes, silver hair, and a tongue like a blade. What she hasn’t got is her memory. The first thing ten-year-old Vespula can remember is standing at the front door of a house, and she has to knock.
Drunken Deacon Black wants to climb the Church ranks, his cleanliness-obsessed wife wants free labour, and the world-dominating Church wants obedience. Put one foot wrong, say one word out of place, and a solid thrashing will be only the start of her problems. Then there are the nuns at the convent, evil as they come, and classmates to match.
Vespula needs protection, and rumour of a magical blade, the Dagger of Delilah, drives her to dangerous nightly excursions into the ancient catacombs, searching the dusty, bone-filled darkness by candlelight.
At least she has the creature, Golden, invisible to most, to keep lookout for her.

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The second book in the Vespula series

Vespula, 11, is no ordinary girl.

She killed Deacon Black with the Dagger of Delilah, and now she has to live at the Sister’s Mission convent, where nothing is as it seems. Sister Rebecca hates the sight of her, and Sister Mary is not to be trusted.

Then there is the asylum next door, where the incurable mental patients live out their lives of misery, their cries carrying over to the convent to bring chills to the hearts of the children attending convent school.

At the asylum, Vespula is about to make new friends, discover old enemies and even older mysteries.

But still, the Church is watching, and Vespula has to tread carefully. . .

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Addiction is instant.
One sniff, one inhalation is all it takes to turn average Joe into a drug-crazed junky - life expectancy - weeks. Created in Johannesburg, the recipe to Sniffer, a new Methamphetamine derivative, is spread to the world via the Internet in minutes. Nobody is spared the ugly face of drug addiction, it’s each man to himself to see who can get the last of the drug before it’s all gone.
Follow Shirley and Robert as they head to the countryside to flee the destruction, while trying to avoid Robert’s drug-crazed ex-girlfriend Carla, who will stop at nothing to get Robert back.

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Agatha Crow spent ten years in jail for a murder she did not commit. The friendly, scared young mother who went into jail came out tough as leather, with a secret ability few know about, and now it’s time for revenge.
Those that landed her in jail might have forgotten, but as their children go missing, the memories of dishonesty, lies and deceit return.
What starts with hypnosis will end in pain, as deep in the mountains, at the house called Serenity, the peace will be shattered by the screams of the innocent.

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The Dream World - Dark, mysterious, often terrifying.
Scorned and outcast from society, a killer has learned the Dream World’s greatest secret: Control the dreams, and you control the dreamer. He has a lifetime of dream experience, his hatred of humanity has driven him over the edge, and revenge is sweet.
Faced with inexplicable deaths, detective Shelly Waterford has no option but to seek help from ex-convict Andrew Shaw, a man with his own dark past which concerns one dream, one demon, and a murder.
Follow Shelly and Andrew into the depths of the Dream World – on the heels of a killer.

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Dream School, the sequel to Dream World.
Conceived in the Dream World but born into the real world, Eve and Shawn have dreaming powers like nobody else, and when they decide to teach their friends the secrets of dreaming, it should lead to a lot of fun. As long as their mother does not find out…
But the fun stops when people start dying, and Shelly Waterford is dead scared it might be the old monster Argelon from her past that has come back. This time she has the safety of her children to consider, and to complicate Shelley’s life, young Shawn has learned how to bring objects out of the dream world.

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Young detective Carol Lindique is given the task of finding Ismael Jacobson, the man who created the life-giving virus, the elixir of life, which stops the ageing process in humans.
When death is no longer inevitable, everybody does what they can to get infected with the virus. No more old age, no more disease, and Ismael Jacobson turns out to be an elusive character.
Overpopulation can be the only outcome, and happily-ever-after soon turns into hell-ever-after as the food runs out. Under the strain of too many billions of mouths to feed, the ground turns barren. But when there is no more food left, there is always the neighbour . . .
More than a hundred years later, sent into the wilds to sort out this new problem, Detective Lindique finds more questions than answers.

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This is the story of a man and a woman who have the most amazing experiences. It is told through two hundred and fifty poems, into which are woven magic and mystery, witches, wizards, dragons and many more.
Join John the smith as he follows and captures the heart of Jasmine, a dancer in a band of gypsies. But when an evil prince falls in love with Jasmine and pays a witch to put a curse on John, the two lovers go on the adventure of a lifetime to break the spell, and in the end it is their love that must overcome all kinds of obstacles, from a witch’s familiar to a great old dragon.

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Night is for Nightmares

Five twisty, turning short stories to keep you awake at night. Murders, ghosts, werewolves and witchery, it’s enough to make you peer into the dark corners, wonder about the neighbors, and, when all else fails, sleep with the lights on.
Because you never know what lurks on the next page. . .

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Riotous Rhymes

This being a short yet intense collection of:

Riotous Rhymes,
Epic tales and crimes,
Dirty deeds and death,
Dark humor on a breath.

Come be the perpetrator,
Come you, antagonist,
Join me, the instigator,
Our weapon: Words that twist.

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Guide to dreaming

Welcome to the world of Dreams.
Understand concepts such as mutual, precognitive and lucid dreaming. Learn why dream dictionaries are a bad idea, why you should start interpreting your own dreams, and how to do so. Find out why you should be keeping a dream diary, and how to use one correctly.
Get information on how to prevent nightmares, how to control your dreams and much more.
This book can teach you how to enter and enjoy the rich life of dreaming - and how to keep out of trouble in the Dream World.

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