The first book in the Vespula series

She has sky-blue eyes, silver hair, and a tongue like a blade. What she hasnít got is her memory. The first thing ten-year-old Vespula can remember is standing at the front door of a house, and she has to knock.
Drunken Deacon Black wants to climb the Church ranks, his cleanliness-obsessed wife wants free labour, and the world-dominating Church wants obedience. Put one foot wrong, say one word out of place, and a solid thrashing will be only the start of her problems. Then there are the nuns at the convent, evil as they come, and classmates to match.
Vespula needs protection, and rumour of a magical blade, the Dagger of Delilah, drives her to dangerous nightly excursions into the ancient catacombs, searching the dusty, bone-filled darkness by candlelight.
At least she has the creature, Golden, invisible to most, to keep lookout for her.

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The second book in the Vespula series

Vespula is about to make new friends, discover old enemies and even older mysteries. But Vespula, 11 (probably), is no ordinary girl.
Now living at the Sisters' Mission convent, she is under the cold eyes of Sister Rebecca, who hates the sight of her, and Sister Mary, who is not to be trusted, no matter what Vespula's friend Golden believes.
What she desperately wants is the Stinging Stone pendant, to protect her against evil Still such as Mortov, but Sister Mary is also after the pendant. If she gets it first, no Still will ever be safe again.
But the Church is watching, Vespula has to tread carefully. . .

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